Defeating Laziness and Feeling Sluggish

You are feeling sluggish – everything around you moves fast except you. You just want to slow down the pace and enjoy your moment as long as you want.


‘As long as what you want’– is not wrong, but it is not the right thing to do either!

Life is full of energy – dynamic fluctuates and always revolves around us.
To make the lazy moment stay so long is also wanting your energy level stagnant.

Unless…. You put your intention right!

Indeed, you intentionally be lazy, wanting to slow the pace for reasons and you put the gap for it. You create the sacred space and allow yourself to walk out of that space.

Use Spearmint to mentally and emotionally awaken yourself. When using this oil, envision yourself moving and the pace gets quicker. Keep moving and trust yourself that you sabotage your own effort. Inhale deeply and apply on your chest area.

This has to be followed by applying Valor or Sacred Mountain or Grounding essential oil on your sole. All envisions and big ideas must be executed now by taking your first step forward; literally moving your feet!

You can always recite any prayer, and there is a specific dua for asking Allah’s protection from being negative and lazy.

If you are new to essential oil and aromatherapy, please know that these are among the excellent tools I use on a daily basis.

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