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When You Are Unstoppable

Do you know what makes a goal a strong, solid goal? Where it becomes unshakeable, despite whatever challenges, that goal gets stronger and faded at never.

While visualisation and some sensory work play some good role, it is not strong enough to pull it through. 

The answer is — an injection of emotional desire

Wanting to do versus having to do – will give huge results and impact. A goal that is driven and insulated with emotion will get its way no matter what, just a matter of time.

This course is done in continuation with the Colored Brain Intensive Course.

Not mandatory, but will feed answers to curious minds who wonder why certain matters don’t really matter to them, or better to say, how to truly motivate a person despite the ups and downs in life.

What is the right energizer button? Are money and recognition hit the button? Or is it giving some assurance and security?

As a business owner, team leader, manager and as a responsible person as you are, you may realize one trophy does not satisfy all.

One may keep going to another checkpoint, while others may simply give up and stop, feeling demotivated until they find their true desire.

One career advice I found and I believe it suits all conditions;

“At every job, you should either learn or earn. Either is fine. Both are best. Neither, quit.”

In this context, earning gives a lot of meaning– depending on one’s desire.

One can feel they earn out of something if they know and get what they truly want from it.

This is a full-day program that helps you to understand your emotional needs.

What drives you to live your life to the fullest?

When sometimes you feel demotivated or facing hurdles at work and in life, your way of resolving it determines your next path – either going back into a circle of demotivation or pursuing your journey to your dreams.

Getting out from the down phase because you just need to move on, or regain your emotional drive to keep you moving. I supposed that K-drama plots and twists explain good examples of these (LOL).

Learning about emotional drive and identifying yours precisely is equal to hitting your motivation button.

There are eight fundamental Emotional drivers and motivators. Each of these is based on a human psycho-emotional need developed through environmental factors such as family, culture and stage in life.

Emotional Drivers:

  1. Belonging/Love- Connection from being with others, or connection with self
  2. Control/Security- Greater ability to maintain security in our lives
  3. Diversity- Having variety, excitement
  4. Recognition/Significance- Acknowledgments of our virtues and achievements, being noticed
  5. Achievement- The need to make progress in our plans and finish things – Completion
  6. Challenge/Growth- Learning and growing
  7. Excellence- Self-satisfaction and pride in the things we do
  8. Responsibility and Contribution- The need to Contribute to others

We often get different vibes when allowing our participants to deeply dive into their inner thoughts while doing exercises and modules in this course.

It is far different from the Colored Brain where one has to sit with herself and ask one repeated question in her mind – “Does this really matter to me?”

At the end of the course, we let participants feel guided and rekindle their ultimate desire while merging and reflecting on their current, ongoing lives.

Holding the workshop with your team allows you to respect, honour some respects, and provide space and a helping hand to your members when needed.

Wondering what makes you and your team keep on moving?

Learn further about the Emotional Drive Intensive Workshop here

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