Negative thoughts or emotions might be the culprit that kills us silently. 

We may look like a happy go lucky person, but deep inside we are battling with our own thoughts.

You may be facing some of these;

✅ Your emotional well-being is like a roller coaster

✅ You resist any help to support your emotions

✅ You keep repeating the same emotional/hurtful stories without even realising it

✅ You are stuck in the same position or situation for a quite long time

✅ You feel like the same incidents happen repeatedly in your life 

✅ You have been attempting to be somebody that you are not

✅ Not feeling joy and losing passion in what you are doing

Have you ever thought that you never heal from past experiences?

I know, sometimes it’s hard for us to move on in life. Especially, we – the wonder women. 

Gladly, through rainbow healing – you can tap into your inner self, making peace with the unresolved emotions. Starting from your INSIDE and rebuilding yourselves, awakening and restructuring the way that you were designed to be. It helps to find your own true colours!

In this Rainbow Healing program, I will facilitate, guide and help you to refine, rediscover and reassess yourself.

Through this program, you will experience;

A transformation of your inner self to be a better version of YOU. A great figure as a person, mom, daughter, and leader – all started here!

A self-healing journey that each and everyone of us should go through cause it may help you to reset and continue your life journey with good intentions. 

Peeling off the masks that we put for everyone to see until we forget who we really are  – the fact that every single person is created with a magnificent, perfect package of knowledge and abilities to do something.

Bonus: You will earn the 3R

❤️ Refining Yourself

This is where you will start to refine and polish yourself – make adjustments, filter and sort things in your life. You may be surprised to acknowledge how much ‘junk’ you kept in your mind, causing you miserable and stuffy. Use the empty space for high values that define you.

❤️ Rediscover Yourself

When you start to eliminate unnecessary things in life, you will begin to discover the other side of you. Why you are here on the earth as human beings and what you can do to create a better ecosystem within your capability. 

❤️ Reassessing Yourself

It’s a reflection of who you truly are. You get to reconnect and relate your life experiences with your current wisdom. You may be aware of what went wrong in your life, but are you really ready to let go of your old beliefs and start this new journey?

With the power of plants, you will enjoy the most relaxing therapy session, finding your best self

And you need to bring these oils during the program for the Rainbow Healing therapy session to experience them on the spot!

Don’t have the oils? No biggie. You can opt-in with the oils package provided.

I tell you –

The experience with this therapy is just another level! You will experience a higher degree of self-discovery adventure through this program as you go through the step-by-step process of healing. Full-body detoxing; realignment of your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

You will be guided to exercise this Rainbow Healing technique on your own. They are simple steps, so as long as you understand and follow through all the tips, you are good to go!

BONUS: Healing session with Fira from Bless the Flow

A lil bit about Fira, she’s a yogi and has been a yoga teacher for almost 6 years. She has conducted many programs either group or private sessions.

This program is going to be an intimate and exclusive session, so it is limited to only 8 pax.

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