Women’s Leadership

Friendly warning: This article is only my personal point of view on how I position myself as a leader in business and the corporate world. Ahh.. just read until the end, okay? Haha

Because women versus men issues are controversial but I never see gender factors as a restriction, so I focus on empowerment. It’s funny to think how we automatically become so competitive when arguing over issues related to gender. Who can do this and that the best? 

To me, we all can – if we want to do it and we know what to do. 

It brings back the old memories of my childhood and uni life, witnessing leadership in boys versus girls. Even I myself hold a few positions in students’ high council, academic and social clubs. 

And this famous Malay’s saying, “Orang perempuan hebat macam mana pun, ke dapur juga”…(haha I see you smirking reading it). 

As a wife and a mother myself, I am proud to say I’m a good cook and my family adores my cooking. That, didn’t fail or stop me from being who I am in my working place as well as business area. 

The stigma that has been planted in women since they are kids growing wild becomes their limiting beliefs.

“I can’t be too successful because I’m a woman, I will end up staying at home” 

“I should take care of my kids and house chores more because that’s what women do”

I observed this is happening to my daughter as well, I always empowered her and she ended up saying “Mama, I want to be single, it is just too much and unfair for girls to be married. Their freedom is limited and expectation is high”  

Can you see it?

Many people – be it men or women, do something because they were told to do so, not because they want to do it. When things get wrong, we start to point fingers at everyone else but ourselves, irresponsible of our own decisions.

When I first ventured myself, I learnt a lot about how people perceive instruction, grow influences and receive empowerment. And guess what? 

People react similarly, in their own similar Coloured Brain pattern, regardless of women or not women, bosses or staff, leaders or members. 

It still amazes me to see and understand how people’s reactions are so much influenced by their emotional drives too – and knowing this stuff is a huge bonus for bosses, leaders and employers, regardless if you are men or women.

Leadership requires skills, knowledge, willingness and bravery, not gender. 

When you are willing to learn how to lead and how to understand your people, you own that leadership.

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