When your ACTUAL fear is your goal

Are you getting nervous and anxious and mixed with excitement when receiving a new task or project? 

That – totally normal and absolutely okay! 

Taking time to jot down ideas, find connections, preparation, data gathering, plan, calculations and recalculations, mitigation and etcetera…

Okay, this is alarming.

The list can be never-ending because this one phase is always nerve-wracking to most: EXECUTION.

Executing ideas for a big plan or project is indeed a huge first step in making a leap of change.

Many people can undergo the brainstorming, planning, and discussion phase successfully and see the rainbow and stars, but when it comes to execution, only some are willing to take further steps. 


Many people fear executing the plan of the ‘what-ifs’ questions lingering in their minds;

What if I fail?
What if it doesn’t work?
What if it gets nasty?
What if people don’t like it?

But please know that the real fear is not because of the plans failing, but it is things that we have to do and face if the plan succeeds. 

What if the plan is successful?

I will have to work harder, less time to rest. I will have some work to do, so I need to spend more time working.

I will have to be in an uncomfortable state. I will have to move. I will have to speak and meet people.

It must be hard to sustain it or I may suffer because of it.

And much more fear of success, also known as ‘success anxiety’…

Realize that these inner voices are actually your blockers. They hindered you from moving on further for you may not be able to do what you are doing now, in your comfort zone! They can act stronger than your fear of failure.

Please realize too that initiation of the fear is actually your brain’s protective measure to put you away from undesired situations or potentially harmful conditions. 

The terms ‘undesired situation or potentially harmful condition’ must not always be referring to the actual undesired and harmful. Most of the time, when we face new changes from our normal routine or things we have never seen or experienced before, we start to feel afraid and fearful, uncertain of what is next to happen.

Well, the good news is, it is not totally your fault tho (haha!). These feelings inhibit the release of ‘happy’ chemicals and cause the release of other chemicals from your brain like adrenaline and glutamate. Our body releases these chemicals as a preparation for dealing with the ‘potentially harmful or undesired situations’.

I shared about these happy hormones and how to harness them in the post here. When you understand how your brain is technically affected by its own biological factor, you can definitely control one factor that holds you back. 

Next, Train Your Brain.

Practicing this actually will change your brain’s narration towards situations or challenges you are facing. In my private coaching sessions, I will teach how to use the Train Your Brain modality and practice them frequently to allow my coachee slowly change their brain narration and positively broaden perspectives.

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