Nothing is too small to start with

Achievements, winnings and accomplishments.

They had one similar impact on every person: satisfaction.

Albeit your achievements are being celebrated or not, feeling satisfied with your own performance is a strong booster for your motivation. And, if you evaluate it carefully, you will find your key emotional drives.

But I have nothing to prove to anyone”.


You don’t need to prove to anyone that you can achieve what you are doing, but yourself. Self-motivation grows bold and strong when it comes from oneself.

You know what you want, you do what you want.

Showing off your winning trophy just to prove to someone your ability can slowly kill your motivation when the effort is not really coming from you. Someone; is your limitation. You; are limitless.

But I don’t know where to start. I am not engaged in any big projects”.

True again!

You don’t have any big projects to work on because you don’t need a big-scale project.

Nothing is too small enough to start with.

As simple as adding a small positive action to your daily routine and turning it into a habit!

By ‘small’, it means things that are doable, personal and simple.

By ‘positive’, of course, anything that can uplift you.

You can gather some ideas by starting a new routine as I simplified in my ebook here. It has been practiced by many successful people.

Most importantly, keep it simple and achievable.

Here is why:

When you accomplish an item in your to-do checklist, you are giving your brain a ‘reward system’ in the form of the secretion of dopamine and serotonin hormones which are also known as happy hormones and ‘feel-good’ hormones.

It may seem small, but these hormones play vital roles to balance your energy and focus throughout the day. In the long term, it will boost your performance!

Still not sure how to start?

Talk to me. Perhaps you may need to hear something else from a third party; like me. Haha

I am reachable here.

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