Money in good hands, grows. So do people!

I love going places and learning how people grow their life. Listening to their stories, survival, ambitions, struggles and achievements. They keep me inspired and bomb my bucket of ideas.

There was once I visited Bali, for a leadership retreat at Fuller Life. The founder, a respected and very inspiring leader; Frances Fuller is a very calm, visionary and has a big heart. 

The fact that she started venturing into the Young Living business at the age of over 50 years old is already amazing. She took a huge step by setting up Fuller Life at 60 years old; a resort which accommodates and provides education, training, healing and wellness therapies by using all natural resources and essential oils. 

What drew my attention was not the resort only, but how she was able to extend the profits and benefits she got, not only to Young Living members but also residents nearby. Especially during the pandemic when tourism was impacted the most, but the residents were able to secure jobs and money from the resort’s continuing construction and service.

Reflecting that money in good hands will grow exponentially, so do people! 

People with good exposure and the right approach will grow their talent so much more. If you are an employer, a leader, a manager, or a business owner, when you apply this knowledge and skills to approach and expose your people correctly, you can have a high-performance team and if you hit the right button, they will be loyal too! 

For example, when a red-brainer is given a task and you are being stringent with the flow, fixing every gesture, judging every step, he will get stuck. But, if you allow him to perform in his space within a specified time and communicate well with the expectations, he will surprise you. 

Again, this can happen if you yourself are willing to understand the variety of human behavior and how we perceive instructions and communication into actions and results.

People in good hands will grow. 

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