CLARITY in your niche is POWER


The opposite word of unclarity, blurry, confused.

We also might refer to clarity as comprehensibility, and clearness and often say, “Ah, I got it!” when we get it.

You can find many articles, blog posts and write ups about clarity in entrepreneurship and business and undoubtedly, they provide guides, checklists and advice — in general. Entrepreneurship itself is indeed a huge-scale topic.

But here, I want to narrow down the context of clarity in determining your market niche.


a specialised segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

The clarity in the market niche will give you the
power which also refers to energy, time, space, engagement, knowledge and skills.

Here is why.

You have amazing products with the ability to solve many problems and fulfil demands from different niches. As you start getting sales and recruiting team members from that problem-solving stage, your team grows.

At first, growing was easy. However, you found confusion, lack of focus, demotivation and overwhelming start to kick in – because there are mixed niches. Don’t get me wrong, because having wide product niches is good but it must come along with excellent teamwork and smart delegation.

This may not apply to everyone, but as a leader and a business owner yourself, you know who shall benefit from this advice — that wanting to learn everything and be skilled at many things also costs spending time so much that it gets tiring and you get to perform at nothing.

Getting clarity on your story & brand story can give you a clearer view of growth.

So, here are 4 useful tips to gain clarity in your business and power within your team:

1 - Know your strength

Like really really know your strengths, topics and subjects you are good at. Because you may spend less time in that area. Instead, use those strengths in your story, brand story and marketing strategies. Use that unique strength to attract leads and grow.

Even though it may not necessarily be related to the product you are selling, as long as it connects people to you, it will eventually bring them to the products. For example, you are good at art so you share how joyful drawing and colouring are. People who love art will connect with you and see you also sell essential oils.

2 - Know your people

In this context – your audience niche. People who know you, want to know you and connect with you are there for some values you have and you share. Analyse their group of age, interests, and lifestyle so you can focus your marketing plan according to their needs.

Clarify the main reason you venture into that particular niche so you can focus on your target and stay on track. Once you get clarity on who to target and what they need, you can focus on powerful marketing with irresistible offers.

3 - Delegate with your people

Yes, we wish the world would see and hear us but let us step into reality. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey but remember your business has your team who signed up for a learning experience. Delegate with them. A combination of small circles will result in a huge circle.

While it is often believed that entrepreneurs can do – even must do, everything on their own, that is a myth.

Entrepreneurs are indeed those who are brave souls to start the hard work to get the ball rolling, but when it comes to bringing people into your journey, it is understandably challenging. However, to scale up your business and widen the market territory, one must accept that even a spectacular visionary business owner has limited capability.

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4 - Pick, ditch or pitch

You (and your team) easily get overwhelmed especially if they aren’t equipped and self-learn about the products knowledge and skills of services. While wanting to learn and know everything, plus having skills in many things is great, at times you may need to re-evaluate plans, strategies and approaches for your niche.

Of course, you are allowed to experiment but don’t keep experimenting without collecting and honouring the results. Understanding what’s important to you may accelerate your growth and it could be your blocker. Some ideas with good results can be pitched while others can be ditched.

Knowing your customers, your people, and your team is equally important as clarifying your purpose and setting up goals in your business. Once you get clarity in your target niche, you can focus and increase your chances of success.

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