3 reasons why you are still stuck where you are now

While life is dynamic and constantly moving, you somehow find your progress stagnant over time. You feel stuck. Gosh, the word itself sucks – it makes everything stopped and pointless. No good huh?


The good news– being in the phase allows you to reflect, recalculate, and realign. ‘Stuck’ is a golden phase to upskill and go back to the basic needs of the business; it can be education, training, team engagement or simply a call for vacation! If you are able to see it as a golden phase, you will earn fresh ideas, feedback and concerns.

You may self-harm by allowing negativity to poison your garden of minds. You look around and feel low compared to your own niche, competitor or even your own business partners. Suddenly, the companions turn into rivals in self-definition.

1) Lack of self-direction

Keep looking around and making comparisons must have made you confused instead of gathering ideas to improve your business.

Do you know what you want?
Ask yourself this question repeatedly and list down your answers, jot them down if you want.

The most important thing is for you to know what are the most important things you want. Knowing what you want will curate your self-direction, so you will be clear on how to get to your missions.

Tips from me, talk to a third person to gain a fresh view. You are allowed to not agree with that person, but it shall help you to see what your ultimate goal is.

Bonus tips; if you have Clarity and Geranium essential oils, use them regularly. By just inhaling them slowly and deeply, the benefits from active chemical constituents in the oils may help you to gain clarity in perspectives and allow the flow of ideas generated.

2) Fear of success

Or also known as ‘success anxiety’, ‘achievemephobia’ and ‘success phobia’. Many people affirm they are not afraid of failure, but find themselves having uncomfortable feelings and thoughts when envisioning they achieved their goals. That, it is.

It is easily denied, but the seeds that grow in your Garden of Minds can destroy all the good things you had planted before.

Fear of success hinders you from acting and making the effort that leads to you achieving your goals. Important to know that it is not the success itself that people fear, but the consequences of success that give them anxiety – for having the concept that to succeed, people have to endure losses and make sacrifices.

So it is the losses and sacrifices that people fear, not the success itself. And yes, it causes a lot more confusion. Refer back to point #1.

3) Unsure of your own leadership pattern

When leaders are not sure what their own leadership patterns are, they will keep looking around and gather their own ‘inspiration’ list.

The list gets longer, but they couldn’t decide or were unsure what type of leadership pattern suits them best. The growth of a team and business are interrelated with the leader’s direction. A clear direction from the leader will drive the team’s motivation and inspiration.

Some leaders with good skills love to show around what they can do – with the thoughts in mind: I can lead because I know how to do it.

Can the team do it?

But can they sustain?

Because the team’s growth is not dependent on the leader’s super skills, but on how the leader is able to inspire the team by showing the team’s super skills.

Do you know what your leadership pattern is?
Get to know here.

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