3 Important reminders in leadership behaviours

Every leader will bump into challenging situations when their skills are tested and their behaviour will be seen.

What is leadership behaviour?

Actions, manners, responses and attitudes are demonstrated by individuals who practise leadership skills. Leaders impact their team by knowing what’s most important to be done – engage in effective communication and establish clear direction by making informed decisions from respective ideas, points of view and inputs gathered from the team members.

Sometimes a leader decides not to decide. Instead, allowing the team to determine their path after building trust, encoring brave and responsibility.

However, in challenging situations, here are important reminders for a leader to consider and put into their decision-making process.

 When things get personal, create boundaries. 

Problems, situations, conditions – whatever you call it, they can get personal, either to the leader himself, or the team.

Making a huge decision can weigh so much responsibility and liabilities, impacting not only two sides of parties but can involve more than that.

Creating boundaries will help leaders to see things clearer – what can be done, what is achievable, what are red flags and other opportunities.

Without boundaries, a leader; a normal person may get emotionally disturbed and blurry about the actual objectives and directions of the specific conditions.

There will be a lot of factors to consider too but with the Brain Your Train module, it is easier to gauge and weigh each possibility. 

Numbers do not always represent progress.

Capturing the team’s progress is vital to see if they are growing and moving their capabilities to other checkpoints. While the most favourable progress appraisal is to translate the effects and results of their effort into numbers; such as how much sales increased from last month, how many new members are enrolled, how many return customers and what is the revenue for the month, that’s not all.

Indeed, not all progress is pronounced in numbers.  Progress can be captured as improvement in delegating, completing and delivering specific tasks. It can also be seen in the improvement of communication, engagement, mutual understanding, self-driven and resourcefulness of a person in the team. 

Consistency will show its results. It is just a matter of time. 

Going on and on, sticking to a routine and keeping the program running can lead to two: one, it becomes a good habit. Two, we get bored, unmotivated and feel stagnant.

During this crucial period of time, a creative leader will generate ideas to keep the team engaged, united and moving. To become one, you can learn from coaching, and leaders’ engagement and earn a third fresh eye view from a mentor.

Remember that consistency will show its results, just a matter of time. It is worth the ride, the most important thing is you know what are the most important things. 

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