Start your day as early as possible.

Believe it or not, your morning routine will change how your entire day looks.

I am not asking you to believe in what I am saying, just do it!

You don’t have to trust me, but do trust the process of 90 days creating new habits and consistently implementing them into your daily life.

It's never too late to start a new good habit.

Watch this video about early morning routine. Perhaps it gives you some insight of what I am doing with Kelab 5 Pagi.

To be honest, I was once in the position where the fear kicked in me – what if I failed to do the morning routine consistently. Little did I know, the first step that I began my journaling routine had changed my life.

This is when I started the Kelab 5 Pagi Group. We had the Kelab 5 Pagi Morning Habit Journal, to support the new morning routine.

These 5 routines are the keys that turn many lives extraordinarily happier and grateful.

SWEAR to be more intentional in life.

SWEAR to be a better person day by day.

SWEAR to be more grateful and enjoy every little thing that happens daily in life.

SWEAR that life is beautiful when we start to see it in a different perspective.

SWEAR to believe that GOD always has His best plan for us.

What else…

SWEAR is more than enough.

Just remember, one small action that we took at a time, could bring a lifetime impact into our life.

Remember, every professional was once an amateur, and every master started as a beginner. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats, once they’ve routinized the right habits.

As long as we breathe, we are still working in progress to have a better life.

When we set and install the right morning habit into our daily routine, it helps to remove our negative thought process and swipe with positive vibes.

We want to tap into the positive energy and get going towards our dream.

If you are on your way to live your dream life, this Kelab 5 Pagi Morning Habit Journal could be a recommended tool for you to start with.

Just grab a copy and you may start your 90 days of transformational journey!