Have you ever felt this?

I know each and everyone of us have dreams to be successful and we want to help others to be successful

I tell you the truth – You cannot have someone to feel they need this, they need the business, they need to do the work.


Because each one of us have different Emotional Drives

Not everyone is money driven

In fact, we have eight emotional drives that set us apart! Most of us do not know what is our primary Emotional Drive, causing us dragging and pushing ourselves and team to do the things that is not important for us.

I am glad, when I started to recognize and embrace my emotional drive – I feel more content with what I am doing. I became more intentional and purposeful of every action that I take. 

Most importantly, I understand my team more & I know what drives them!

And I want you to feel the same!

If you still have these thought;

❌ People leaving because I am not a good leader

❌ Nothing I can do more, my team is as unmotivated as me

❌ I think I just follow the flow – where this life brings me onwards.

You have to STOP!

When we understand, what makes us feel MOTIVATED and DRIVEN to live – it helps us to redirect our goals in life and achieve the results.

I would like to invite you to immerse into this 1 Day Emotional Drive Intensive Workshop.

If you are these people;

✅ Business owner who seek clarity to improve themselves as an employer, team leader or business partner

✅ Network Marketing Leader who want to improve their leadership style and have a better communication with the team

✅ You, who want to understand yourself better and seek for the knowledge to get to know the underlying reason of your action

This program is really crafted for YOU!

It will help you to clarify and understand yourself better. You will appreciate and love yourself more after attending this program.

Through this program, you will experience these;

✅ Understand the different emotional drives and Identify what drives and motivates you

There are 8 emotional drivers that help to fulfill our emotional needs. Everyone will have different emotional drivers and it helps us to communicate way better when we know each other’s emotional drive.

You will find your top 3 emotional drivers and you can reflect it with your current situation. Have your emotional needs been fulfilled? 

✅ Identify what is your positive & negative behavior according to Emotional Drive

You can fulfill your emotional drives in positive or negative ways. And you will learn that sometimes you will sucks other people’s emotional needs while fulfilling yours. 

So how can you improve and react accordingly in any situation?

✅ Understand your energy pattern – what can drain it and how to elevate it

Energy draining is always an issue when you don’t understand yourself and people around you. Through the understanding of the circle of communication resistance, it helps you to navigate yourself better in your day to day life.

✅ Understand how to bond a great team according to Colored Brain and Emotional Drive

Colored Brain and Emotional Drive will compliment each other. When you learn about colored brain, you understand how our brain processor works. And with emotional drive, you will have the clarity of how to help your brain work faster with the boost of emotional drive.

✅ Understand how you can still perform as a great leader in your own team

Being a leader is not always an easy thing. But with the knowledge and the right tools, it will help you to do your role better. 

You know what drives you to do more and be a productive leader, you will leave a great impact on your team.

✅ Understand how to identify your team’s Emotional Drives

It does not work if only you feed your own emotional needs. That’s the importance of understanding your team’s emotional drives too. 

It will help you to redirect your leadership style with your team. And you will have a better relationship with your team once you understand what their needs actually are.

Are you excited to be part of the journey?

It is not just a normal program that you sit and learn. You will have a very fun day learning throughout the day!

I bet you will fall in love with yourself more after this course. You just need to let loose a bit and enjoy the day!

And I want to make it clear, this course is exclusively for 20 pax only per session.

I cannot take more cause I want to give the most impactful learning experience to you – who attend this course with me.

So yes, join the waiting list now and I shall see you in the upcoming program!