So you read somewhere,

“A good leader should be able to…

  • Communicate the vision and mission so clearly that everyone envisions the mutual goals.
  • Scope out or solve a problem to create value for the team.
  • Create the vessel that makes the emotional connection with the charges and decides on disputable issues.
  • Provide space and engage in difficult conversation
  • Speak in confidence – not to be confused with arrogance. Confidence radiates a positive influence that prods, nudges, and yes, when necessary pushes.”

Wow. And, the last time you check yourself...

✅ You never actually envision venturing into the business, let alone being called up as a leader. It is just some coincidence phenomenal.

✅ You rarely assign and delegate any specific task to anyone in the team, simply because you try so hard to be the leader everyone loves – so you do everything.

✅ You stay away from conflicts and hard conversations because you love harmony – so you avoid discussion and debate on sensitive issues.

✅ You feel exhausted from trying so hard to be a leader but yet none respects and treats you like one.

✅ You don’t really understand your people’s values – their strengths and needs.

The list goes on… and your hope to become a good leader sputters and falters. 

OK snap. Enough. Yes, your feelings are valid but they aren’t all true.

Anyone can be a leader, you just have to lead in a different style – your own leadership profile!

Yes, everyone has their own leadership profile and different style or approach to leading people. You have been copying someone else’s style all along, hence you feel off. 

So why don’t you discover your own leadership profile?

How to draw out your best performance as a leader?

I will be guiding you through this with the 2-hour online session, so from here you can dig deeper about yourself.

Gain clarity and win yourself again to be able to lead your life in the future. You are a leader to yourself!

Through Discover Your Leadership Profile Masterclass, you will be able to ;

Understand the Different Types of Leadership Profile

There are many types of leadership profiles that mould you to be a great leader. Understanding the difference in leadership profiles will help you to know your people better.

Identify Your Leadership Profile

Identifying your own leadership profile helps you drive your life as a leader or business person. And this, is golden to you. 

Identify Your Thought Process as a Leader

People have different thought processes and we easily engaged in miscommunication because “we don’t understand each other.”

By knowing the way we process things, we can increase our level of tolerance and it will help us to improve our ways of communicating with people around us.

Identify Your Strength and Your Weaknesses as a Leader

Our strengths and weaknesses are what shape our values and these values, are infused in our leadership. 

We are the Captains of our own ships. So yes, identifying our good and bad sides helps us to restructure our life within our capability – so we can control what we can and delegate things that are beyond our limit.

Understand What Drivers in You

Everyone needs the motivation to move forward. And motivations are driven by their own factors – the juice of passion in life.

If you found that you felt lost, knowing your top drivers will be your booster and help you to keep moving forward.

By joining this masterclass, you will receive:

✅ 1 x e-Workbook for Discover Your Leadership Profile

✅ 1 x Zoom Recording (Will be given after the online session end)

Take it for real and discover more about yourself as a leader. 

You can be one of those great leaders, great educators, great philanthropists, and great examples to their teams.

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