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High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Facilitator

DC Psychology Certified Trainer, Certified NLP Coach & Timeline Therapist

“Work-life balance, are you a myth?”

Do I have to sacrifice my work, to balance my life? Or, must I forget my hobbies?

It was me – asking myself, on one of those busiest days I had, 8 years ago.

“Is that true, the best never rest? I shall have no rest?”, is a dumb question, but I did; question the quotes when it seems to defeat me. I, like everyone else, try to put a balanced weight on all matters I am responsible for. 

Have you had the same questions, lingering in your mind? Or, perhaps my questions make sense to you?

“You will reach success if you work hard long enough” – is just not true. I have found the best way to flip the cards; to see and understand what you have in front of you, in your hands. I will enlighten anyone; including you, who is ready to transform their lives, within their own definitions.

Why me, as your coach?

Successful people engage themselves with coaches, be it for their career, business, personal relationships or life in general. They unleashed their potential using every tool and strategy to remove mental blocks, be financially smart, communicate effectively and ultimately achieve a work-life balance.


Are you one of these people?

  • Feeling stuck because you have so much plan yet so little time and energy. 
  • Feeling stuck because you are unaware of self-potential. Always see nothing in yourself.
  • Feeling stuck because you are easily distracted and not self-motivated. 
  • Feeling stuck because you have tried so many things and failed. Every. Single. Time. 
  • Feeling stuck because you are losing the spark of joy in life. Again, what is that?
  • Feeling stuck because you invested a lot in people, materials, courses and classes but things are not merging nicely.

Perhaps, it is just more than feeling stuck! Talk to me and discover how to detangle the knots, reclaim yourself and rejoice in the dreams to become true.

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SUCCESS is defined differently with CURVING PROGRESS persistently and learning life’s lessons must occur simultaneously – this, I always agree.

I started climbing the corporate career ladder early at 23 years old in one of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500 while starting up a business company and happily married at the same time. 

Upskilled myself with 12 years of experience, I have the perfect reasons to shut down my business, be in comfort life with my professional career and have enough with my family. Likewise, with a growing business empire, I can make an easy call to quit my 8 to 5 job and enjoy flexibility. Yet, I am still at them both, passionately and very goal-driven. And family is always at the prior top of my list. 

Did I ever fall? Many times as much as I rise. From all the episodes, I gathered skills and understanding to manage, develop authentic skills and motivate my team for them to overcome what they called ‘blocks’ and ‘fear’.

How Coach Rahmah Can Help?


Self help tools such as ebook & online courses for you to improve yourself and helps you to be a better version of yourself.


Various program that suits you as Entrepreneur or Network Marketers that seeking for self development training.


An exclusive coaching program for you to grow yourself in your personal life, career or business.

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